Fuck Yeah You Chuds

Just got back from recording the album, gonna be out in 2022 Feb or March on Vinyl, CD, Tape, digitally and maybe 8 track if I can get it done. Still booking backyard shows as well as I got a bunch of bar shows booked for summer and fall, out west as far as Fernie and out East to Halifax and back as well as all parts in between. Still doing the song a grams, got a patreon rolling with some sweet exclusive merch and got a handful of dates left for the backyard shows in summer and fall.

I cant wait to spit on everyone again, I can feel it we are closssseeeeeeeeee



So yeah. Im bored. Soooo bored, I never thought I could be bored from sitting on my ass but here we are. Album is delayed, but still should be out sooner than later. As for now, Im taking reservations for backyard shows in 2021, May and beyond, as well I maybe on Vancouver Island in June. So if you are in need of me playing your driveway, feel free to book now. Looking to hit all of Ontario ( Im looking at you Thunder Bay) and if allowed as far as Winnipeg and the Maritimes.

Plus I have a bunch of new merch out, reprints of the golden girls and taco time as well as some new stuff. Plus if you want a personalized song and message of hope Im doing that Cameo type bullshit. Videos are the price of a 6 pack and a bag of chips, $ 14.50. Just send me an email fistful65@hotmail dot com

Take Care


Shit still Sucks

Well the album got delayed as I cant get into the Maritimes. will be out now fall 2021. Blargh. Got a handfull of bar shows lined up. Probably will just ride out the winter, drinking OV and shovelling Mothers driveway. Maybe Ill finally get around to finishing Echo the Dolphin. Time will tell.



Back In Business Kind Of

So yeah, Im back baby. Well kind of back. Ive got a handfull of patio shows and some actual inside a bar gigs coming up this fall. As well you can hire me to play your driveway or lawn. NO PITS! Check the shows page for listings. As well be recording the new LP this fall, should be out late winter.

Stay Safe


Well Shit

Im sure you have all noticed that the the bars are all closed and you can only leave your house to go to NoFrills. It sucks, but I hope you are doing OK. I had to cancel a bunch of shows, and will be figuring things out as they go I guess. Blargh. Stay Safe Chuds



Alley Beers the Tour

Get ready you dorks. The Caravan is hitting the road and going coast to coast in March through til June. Each show will feature not only a brand new set totally different from previous shows but will also feature a hidden alley beer. Each show I’ll be hiding a can of beer for you to crush somewhere near the venue. One lucky boozer will get a nice warm can of suds to chug pre show. No I am not kidding.
Tour dates in the tour dates section of this actual website.

Touring, Touring, Touring. Rinse. Repeat.

Smack dab in the middle of the fall run of shows. Thanks to everybody who has come out so far. Its been a stone groove up to this point. Got a bunch of weekend dates and am doing a Christmas run as well as a short maritime run in early Jan. Started working on the new album and am on Walker Texas Ranger Season 5.

Take Care Ding Dongs


Summer Time and the Living is Chud free

Just sitting around the boiling house in my boxers shredding cans of alpine and watching VHS. Good times. Just finished wrapping up a pilot for a new season of Sons Of Butcher. So that could be a thing. Also got a ton of fall shows booked so check the tourdates section. Also got like a small handful of summer dates, but to be honest its too fucking hot, so you wont see me til after the EX is over probably.


Album Out. TV Show Out Soon. Over Saturation NOW

So the new album is out now, doing a huge tour of Canada and the UK from March-June. If you dont see your town, im doing another Western Run in Septemeb to the Coast, hitting most spots I’ve missed. You can order the LP from me directly or through OUTSIDE music through your local record shop. Its also at most community radio stations so bug your nerd friends who do that shit to play it.
As well my TV show is out on BellFibe on March 5 and then out on the interweb for all on April 5. We will be doing 2 live screenings, one in Toronto and one in Hamilton at TAH on April Fool Day. Come on down.


The Skid is Hot Tonight

New album is done, new tour is booked taking the BA Experience to 3 countries in an effort to horrify the world. New merch, patches and baseball tees along with the new album. All coming your way the end of Feb. Album will pre sale at the end of Jan and will be available world wide on the interweb or if you happen to come by my Moms and buy an LP.